New LLT exchange process for LLT holders with 300FIT token staking

20 Mar 2024
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[New LLT exchange process for LLT holders with 300ft token staking]

Hello. This is 300FIT.
In accordance with the mainnet transition of LLT, the token of our partner LILLIUS, we will be executing LLT exchange payments to 300FIT customers who hold LLT on the Klaytn mainnet through participation in LLT auction swaps or 300FIT token staking on the "RoundRobin" platform in June 2022.
Please send your existing LLT tokens (Klaytn) to the wallet address listed below and submit the Google Form, and after verifying and confirming the token quantity, we will send LLT tokens (Polygon) reflecting the exchange ratio according to the payment schedule.

▶️ LLT (Klaytn) redemption wallet address

Send your LLT (Klaytn) to the wallet address below and we will send LLT (Polygon) to the wallet address you sent the tokens to. LLT (Polygon) will be sent to the wallet address you sent the tokens to.


▶️ Link to the exchange application Google Form: LLT exchange application >

▶️ Exchange Application and Payment Schedule

Token Exchange Application: 2024.03.20 (Wed) ~ 2024.04.28 (Sun)

Token Exchange Distribution :
1st Distribution : 1 April 2024 (Mon)

2nd Distribution  : 15.04.2024 (Mon)

3rd Distribution  : 29.04.2024 (Mon)

*For more information on the end of the 3rd payment schedule, please contact us.

Please visit Google Forms for more information.

Thank you.