Announcing the 300FIT's business status [FEBRUARY 13, 2024]

13 Feb 2024
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We don't just play the sport, 

we own the moment.

hello. This is 300FIT. 

300FIT creates a world where sports are as easy and fun as a game for everyone in the world. 

Starting in 2024, 300FIT will experience a new digital sports world by expanding 300FIT's ecosystem from the existing exercise content ecosystem to the Web3 sports league-TDT ecosystem.

In the future, we plan to launch collaborative BMs with various companies based on SportsIP.

300FIT will change from monthly announcements to quarterly announcements to manage the business status more efficiently.

We will share our business status and plans on March, June, September, and December 30th of each quarter (the next day if it falls on a holiday), so we look forward to your support and participation.

[JANUARY 2024]


Lim Yong-kyu (Lim Yong-kyu)

- South Korean national tennis player

- Winner of the 2014 Asian Games Men's Doubles Gold Medal (Lim Yong-kyu & Jung Hyun)


300FIT Goods Production, TDT T-Shirts 

- 300FIT TDT T-shirts, hats, and caps are now in stock.

- To celebrate the opening of the Discord server, 300FIT shipped t-shirts, hats, and NFTs signed by Shin Yubin to customers who were selected for the first signup event.

- In the future, customers who join the 300ft ecosystem will have the opportunity to collect a variety of autographed memorabilia from sports stars.

Shin Yubin Teddy Bear Donated to the Busan World Table Tennis Championships

- A 300-foot national edition of the Shin Yubin Teddy Bear has been created.

- It will be sold at each country's booth at the Busan 2024 World Table Tennis Championships.

- All proceeds from the sale of the Shin Yubin Teddy Bear will be donated to social contribution projects.

- Along with the teddy bear, 300FIT plans to introduce teddy bear editions of various athletes.

- Yubin Shin's teddy bear will be issued as an NFT and delivered directly to her at the 2024 Paris Olympics with her name and a message of support.


Design Group Doss - Web3.0 Sports League Partnership

- Web3.0-based CX design group Dots and TDT have signed a business agreement to collaborate on the TDT Web3.0 Sports League.

- We will develop digital sports player design and service platform UX/UI.

- Dots is a web3.0-based CX design group composed of strategic planning experts and visual design experts from large advertising agencies.