300FIT, the 103rd National Sports Festival Korea New Record NFT issuance

25 Oct 2022
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300fit announced that it will publish a new Korean record video NFT of the 103rd National Sports Festival hosted by the Korea Sports Association.

Following the ‘Team Korea NFT 2022’ of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the 103rd National Sports Festival NFT, which is published for the first time at the National Sports Festival, will include a video for the first time among the NFTs issued by the Korea Sports Association, and a vivid video of the moment of setting a new Korean record. is provided by KBS, the host broadcasting company. The 103rd National Sports Festival NFT will be produced as soon as a new competition record is set and will be dropped within 24 hours.

Oh Ji-yoon, head of the sports marketing division of the Korea Sports Association, said, “We will present the National Sports Festival NFT with the meaning of wishing that the 103rd National Sports Festival will be held successfully and athletes can achieve good results.” It is awarded to the player who achieves excellent performance in the field.”

300fit CEO Song Tae-geon said, “Through this National Sports Festival NFT, I would like to create digital content that creates comprehensive sports assets of friendship and harmony centered on each city and province across the country to increase added value and contribute to the development of Korea’s sports industry.” By minting NFTs using sports events and sports contents, we will provide sports contents that are meaningful to sports fans and contribute to the development of sports as digital asset values.”

Previously, 300fit issued ‘Team Korea NFT 2022’ using the Korean athletes who participated in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics with the Korea Sports Association in February. In addition, the Korea Professional Table Tennis League (KTTL) signed a sports content NFT business agreement and is preparing to issue KTTL NFT.

Meanwhile, the 103rd National Sports Festival was held for about 7 days from October 7 to 13 in Ulsan Metropolitan City, where about 30,000 athletes and officials from 17 cities and provinces across the country participated, making it the largest domestic sports event ever. It will be held as a competition.

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